How Do You Hire Us?

Call us (949) 664- 1444 or email us. We are a film and video production company that specializes in telling powerful stories. Stories that make us laugh, make us think, or engage us to purchase the next hot product.

Tell us about your amazing company and we'll tell an amazing story.

Film and Video Production

Siren Song Studios will guide you from start to finish in the production of your project. From script to screen, we schedule your production, direct the production, and oversee all post-production elements delivering a professional product to share.


Siren Song Studios is thrilled to offer post-production services for filmmakers and production companies in need of professional results. We offer a variety of editorial services: FCPX, Adobe CC, and Davinci Resolve. Audio post services include ProTools and Logic X. Music composition and mixing.


Professional photography is a must from your project. From product photography to documenting your project, Siren Song Studios can provide professional results to your story.

Web Design and Digital Media

Digital media and web services. Contact us today to find out how we can incorporate your video projects into your existing web site or if need be we can help you build a site from start to finish.

State of the Art

Siren Song Studios employs the latest technologies and equipment for your production. Call us today to learn more.


With over 2o years experience in film and post-production, Siren Song Studios delivers professional results that speaks for itself.


Siren Song Studios is committed to telling your story. From commercials to narrative films, we can guide your project to completion.


Siren Song Studios is here to help with your production needs. Call or email us for more information.

The Production Process

Siren Song Studios is a full service production and digital marketing company. We handle every aspect of the process of production to delivery (we also work well with others) The Process is as follows:


Story Objective Meeting

The story-objective meeting is where we work with the client to discover the details about their project. How it works or the why of what you're doing. We'll script and storyboard the project and set in motion all the steps necessary production.


The actual shooting of the script. We cast the talent that best represents your project. We hire professional film crews direct from Hollywood productions and rent professional equipment for your production.


We professionally edit picture for clarity and story. Next, we produce a clean sound mix with licensed or original music and finally we color correct the video to show your project in the best light. Now you're ready for your close up!

Content Delivery

A great project needs to be seen to be effective. Our digital marketing expertise will help more eyes see your project. We'll blast your project across the digital verse and the fun begins!